Friday, May 4, 2012

Second edition of Multi-Actor Collaboration course

The second edition of the VLIR-UOS sponsered course on "Facilitating multi-actor collaboration for sustainable resources management", given by Cycloop and hosted by HUBrussel, has been a great success. Starting with an introduction at the HUBrussel, a few days were spent at the conference center Chant d'Oiseau at Woluwe (Brussels), including a lively version of the Podocarpus National Park Simulation game and in depth discussion of the collaboration process on the basis of video recordings. In the following days, topics like appreciative inquiry, action research, stakeholder analysis, governance, convening and facilitating were addressed. The excursion to the Doode Beemde near Leuven was also much appreciated. The programme was greatly enhanced by the rich experience and input of the participants!

During the closing reception, the participants received their certificate:

Oanh Pham Thi Phuong
Baribwegure Deo
Aggrey Daniel Maina Thuo
Samuel Ochola
Milton Armando Reyes Gutierrez
Viviana Berrio
Jenny Montes Vasquez
Cecilia Andrea Gutierrez del Castillo
Natalia Angelina Vizcarra Noriega
Fernando Ortega
Eliana Quiroz GutiĆ©rrez
Maria Alejandra Claure Oviedo
Fabian Eduardo Rodas Lopez
Silvia Elena Martinez Arroliga
Irene Awuor Ogada
Laura Alvarado
Bert Verstappen
Andries Verdegem
Inge Vermeesch

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